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The Sumar spouses in their home on 51, Volodymyrska Str. Circa 1959
Anatoliy Sumar at work. Late 1950s – Early1960s
Balcony Sketch. 1958
Work plan for the artwork of the series Color and Music. Middle of 1960s
Gavotte ІІ (VІ Suite). Sketch from the series Color and Music (sheet № 20 from the Lviv Album). Middle 1960s
Cover of the Catalog Ukrainske MalARTstvo (60s–80s) [Ukrainian Painting]. 1990
From Anatoliy Sumar’s letter to his granddaughter Kateryna. Middle 1990s
Anatoliy Sumar at the exhibition Anatoliy Sumar. Selected Works. (Kyiv, Alipiy Gallery). 2002
Self-portrait with a model. Early 2000s