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Petro Markovych as a student of the Lviv School of Applied Arts named after I. Trush. 1958
From left to right: Laslo Pushkash, Zenovii Flinta, Petro Markovych, Bohdan Halytskyi, Andrii Bokotei. Lviv, 1964
Sixth year students of the Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art. From bottom to top: Liubomyr Medvid, I. Kir, Andrii Bokotei, Petro Markovych, Ivan Marchuk, Zenovii Flinta. 1964
Petro Markovych defending his graduation project in the Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art. 1965
Petro Markovych. 1966
In the open air in Dzembronia. 1967
Petro Markovych in the Carpathians. 1968
Karlo Zvirynskyi and Petro Markovych. 1968
Petro Markovych on the doorstep of his parents' house. 1970
Petro Markovych. Lviv, 1970
Petro Markovych against the background of a self-portrait. 1971
Petro Markovych. 1986
Lviv. Three from Chornoriky, friends-artists. Petro O. Markovych, Dmytro Laniak, Petro K. Markovych. 1988
Prof. Yevhen Lemtso and Petro Markovych. Seattle, USA, 1992
Petro Markovych and Vitalii Sad. Renton, USA, 1996