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Zoia Lerman. 1950s
Zoia Lerman. 1960s
Zoia Lerman. 1960s
Zoia Lerman. 1960s
Zoia Lerman with her son Oleksandr Lutskevych. 1961
Zoia Lerman with Heorhii Yakutovych. 1970s
Zoia Lerman with Olha Petrova. 1970s
Zoia Lerman with her husband Yrii Lutskevych in Georgia. 1970s
Anatolii Lymariev and Zoia Lerman. Jubilee of Anatolii Limariev. Kyiv, 1979
Zoia Lerman’s diploma work “Ballerina”. 1959
Zoia Lerman in your apartment on the Hrushevskoho Street. 1990s
In Zoia Lerman’s apartment.