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National Museum of Literature of Ukraine
National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery"
Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv
Collection of Oleksandr Brei
Foundation Fine Arts Department of Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine
ARVM Archive
Center of Modern Art "Soviart"
The Sixties Museum
Lebedyn Municipal Art Museum named after B. Rudnev
Sumy Regional Art Museum named after N. Onatsky
Collection of Oleksii Kharko
Collection of Oleksii Vasylenko
Kherson Regional Art Museum named after O. Shovkunenko
Management of Exhibitions of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine
National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture
Kyiv History Museum
Stedley Art Foundation
"Mystetskyi Arsenal" National Cultural and Art and Museum Complex
Grynyov Art Collection
Museum ХХ–ХХI
Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine
National Art Museum of Ukraine